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Who is this Seth Dillingham, Anyway?

Seth Dillingham is, in intentionally random order:

  • the keeper of this journal for over seven years
  • a constant thinker
  • husband to the prettier and much-more-popular Corinne
  • a frequent writer
  • a web and mac programmer
  • brother of Jed Dillingham and Sarah Peña
  • a bit of a geek
  • more perceptive than others expect but often less than he thinks
  • a helpless reader
  • fond of speaking of himself in the third person
  • extremely tall
  • an avid cyclistme in shades on a blurry day
  • a bereaved stepfather
  • Opa to Lauren and Richie
  • not fond of fools
  • a bible student
  • son of Mike and Gloria Dillingham
  • photography enthusiast
  • a lot like his dad
  • the president of Macrobyte Resources
  • rather soft-hearted
  • Not Joe Grieco
  • sometimes known as the sandman for his effect on babies
  • devoted to the seeking and expression of spiritual, moral, physical, and digital truth
  • a lot like his mom, too
  • one who sees humor in most situations
  • resident of Westerly, RI
  • sometimes forgetful and often disorganized (or is it the other way around?)

Page last updated: 5/11/2009

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